Alert! In-elegant design, update soon!

Dear followers and users of my projects,

Despite my enthusiasm when uploading this project, I found out it has some in-elegant flaws that makes it a bit frustrating to use/edit.  I should have runned some more tests before putting it online. As you may have seen on my twitter, I am currently working on a small game/prototype in which I try to incorperate the projects I've uploaded on my (Worm Movement excluded). This is a great learning experience for me and has brought a lot of oddities and bugs in my projects to light (Mostly this one, the others are fine enough, but can be improved upon). These will definitely be fixed and and I will upload new versions as soon as I can.

I've been workin in GameMaker Studio 2 for a year now and am still learning, but I really think there is value in sharing code.  However, I don't want this to cause people to learn 'bad ways' to make things. I will not cease uploading my little projects and I will keep improving them whenever I discover better ways to do things, but please take the way I code things 'with a grain of salt'. It is definitely not 'the best way' to do things, but it might make learning a little easier for you and especially makes prototyping game ideas a lot quicker.

If you find any bugs or oddities in my projects please report them in the comments of the related project or on the discord (link available in my profile).

Thank you for reading,



Tree Fall Down Version 0.10 1 MB
Feb 06, 2019

Get [Code][GMS2]Object Fall System

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