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Nice, this what i am currently miss my random level generator

Glad you like it! Let me know if you find any bugs or oddities :3

There is, it can lead to tremendous lag with a large number of block

How many blocks are we talking? Hm, thanks for the heads up. I had this problem with my terrain gen too, but I think you get that problem with any object in large amounts. Not sure though.

2400 - 2890 blocks

But don"t worry i can just update nearby blocks every time a block is placed instead of the whole room

How is this for platformer games?

Honestly, I have not thought of that yet. I imagine it works the same, but the sprites used would be a little different.  When I have time, I will look into that!

It works for platformers too, but some in some occasions sprites may be cut off very sudden (also for top-down). It really depends on what sprites/art-style you will be using. In the future I will upload a fix that will solve some of these sprite issues.