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This is a simple island-map generator written in C# console-app.
As of now it is in Beta phase for testing purposes, but feature-wise
it is as good as finished.

I'm aware that when navigating the map, the drawing of said map is a bit
laggy. As far as I know this is due to the way the Console draws its symbols
and I have found no way to fix this. However, I am working on a similar
map generator in Monogame which uses sprites. In that version the laggy-drawing is not an issue anymore.


  • Random island-map generation of user-chosen-size.
  • Five different biomes, with ground types and vegetation.
  • Navigable with arrow keys.
  • Saving and loading of maps.


The process of installing/starting the program is still in testing phase.
If you can or can't get it to work, please let me know in the comments!

  1. Download the .zip file and extract it. 
  2. Use the setup.exe to install the program.
  3. Use the MapGenExp.application to start the program.


If you have any feedback on this project, or if you have any questions or found a bug, please leave a comment. I'll respond as soon as possible!


This project  has been made by me RanDB.  In the making of this project I used the Newtonsoft.json library by James Newton -King, and the SimplexNoise library by WardBenjamin.


RanDBMapGen.zip 502 kB

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