A downloadable asset pack

This is a 4 Direction 'Grid-like' Movement System for Gamemaker Studio 2


  • Player Controlled Movement in 4 Directions
  • Movement is Grid-like, with adjustable step size.
  • Comes with 4 Directions Character Sprites
  • Custom Functions that can be used for different projects.


  1. Download the project folder from this page.
  2. Start Gamemaker Studio 2.
  3. Open the .yyp file inside the project folder in Gamemaker Studio 2.
  4. Get creative!

Creator's Notes

As the title of this project says, this is a 'Grid-like' Movement System. What this means is, that this project does not use an actual grid, but rather simulates one. If there is demand for a Player Movement on actual grid, I'll look into that!


If you have any tips or feedback on this project, or if you have any questions or found a bug, please leave a comment. There might be ways to improve this project and I'd love to hear about them!


Full project (including the pixel art) has been made by me RanDB.  Although crediting me is appreciated, it is not required. However, please do not claim any of my pixel art  as your own.


4 Dir Player Grid Movement Version 0.10 1 MB


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